BOOKS IN SERIES: Keyquest 1 2 3 4

The fourth Keyquest book features a mixture of pieces using bass clef and chord notation. A comprehensive range of extensions and inversions are carefully explained and incorporated in the pieces.

The survey of all the major, minor and pentatonic scales and arpeggios is brought to completion with the inclusion of Ab, Db, F# and B majors and F, Bb, G# and Eb minors. Blues scales are also explained and featured.

The use of a sustain pedal is explained and illustrated, as is the benefit of setting up and using registration memories. Other advanced registration concepts introduced in Keyquest 4 include programming custom styles, and hooking up to a computer via MIDI and for Audio recording, and exploring the various advanced playing modes available on top-of-the-range instruments.

Pieces include: Morning Star, Minuet in G, High Landing, Londonderry Air, Arabesque, The Entertainer, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Footsteps, Gymnopedie, Ghost Train, Fur Elise, Skating, Awesome & many more!

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