BOOKS IN SERIES: Keyquest 1 2 3 4

The first Keyquest books are aimed squarely at total beginners. The layout of the keyboard is introduced, including finding the notes and also the basic functions such as selecting voices, auto-accompaniments, tempo and so on. Thorough instructions are given at every stage.

The pieces are written within a range of five notes, initially from Middle C, then from G to D, and later from D to A, including F#. Single-Finger chords are suggested, and these are confined to major triads (i.e. genuinely single-finger chords), although a glossary at the back of the book introduces the "fingered" chords should you wish to refer to them.

"Rhythm Boxes" tie in directly to the pieces in each Unit of the book, and are useful for a variety of clapping games. Pupils are also shown how phrasing and articulation can add expression to their playing, and are encouraged to repeat pieces using changes in registration as a means of developing creative arrangements of pieces.

Towards the end of Keyquest 1 fingering is introduced alongside the concept of extending the note range beyond just five notes.

Pieces include: Discovery Song, Rising Star, Merrily we Roll along, All in a Day, Blue Skies, Jingle Bells, Clowning Around, When the Saints go Marching in, Lightly Row, Forgiven, Horizons, First Waltz, Illumination, What is Missing?, Journey Home, Ode to Joy, Lavender's Blue, Out of Breath & Quiver.

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